Beautiful Granite and Metallic Urns

Beautiful granite and metallic finishes , complement the ForeverSafe™ Cremation Urns. ForeverSafe™ prorprietary custom colors go well with nearly any memorial or headstone. The gorgeous metallic finishes of the cremation urns give the urn a multi-generational quality, that will allow for your loved ones to be passed on from one generation to the next. ForeverSafe™, more than care and safety for your loved ones remains, but the ability to pass your loved ones on Forever!.


Cremationo Urns

Water Tight Security

The design of ForeverSafe™ offers products that reflect quality and style while unaffected by weather and water changes. All ForeverSafe™ Burial urns are made out of certified prime virgin Polyethylene, offering unsurpassed durability. Get the look and lifespan of granite and metal while drastically lowering the cost and interest of thieves. When protecting something valuable choose a product designed to do that. Don’t worry about losing your loved one again. Rest assured…. ForeverSafe™ is protecting them.

Water Tight Urns

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Round and Rectangle Styles

You do not have to sacrifice beauty to offer a secure location for your loved one. ForeverSafe™ products may be displayed in a memorial service and buried without an additinoal container. Completely secure when totally immersed in water, ForeverSafe™ products are durable enough for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions and climates.

Antiqued Rectangle
Antiqued Round Burial Urn
Antiqued Rectangle
Antiqued Rectangle Burial Urn